Monday, August 1, 2016

Finished Mod Quilt

I finally finished the green, black and white mod quilt I started last year!! Woohoo for wrapping up an unfinished project!! 

I had planned to have it finished for my daughters 10th birthday, which was in May. I was almost done too. Seriously, I had 3/4 of it quilted when i stopped because i wasn't sure how to proceed. You see, I wanted to quilt each section in a different motif. The problem is, I don't have a ton of experience in free motion quilting. I'm learning and I have perfected meandering and loops, but other then that, I'm very much a novice. And anyone who has attempted free motion quilting will tell you, it is a learned skill that takes a lot of practice.

Anyway, I just finished this quilt. It's fun and modern and most of all, my daughter loves it!

Here is the front. 
I started by quilting a stitch in the ditch technique along all the grey and black lines. This helped keep the whole thing together while quilting the rest of the quilt.

I left the patched cross sections alone, with just quilting lines in the ditch. I did a different free motion quilting style in each of the larger areas.

For the back, I did a modern patchwork pattern with leftover fabric and some fun pink prints I had.

I didn't think to much into this design, I basically just put them together as easily as I could, starting with the left over fabric from piecing the front. Adding the pinks for contrast and filler.

In the end, my daughter loved the back almost more then the front. So, I would say it was a win. 

Some other techniques I was new to with this quilt.. I used elmers school glue to baste the layers together. The glue worked out great, however it was messy, and stiff. It also seeps thru the layers. I was a little worried at first, but true to its washable claim, it all came out when i tossed it in the wash. I will be trying this method again, tho.

I also did the binding a bit differently. Instead of making binding strips and attaching them at the end, I just trimmed the backing fabric to 1 3/4 inches and double folded it over and stitched. I did a heart shape  decorative stitch along the front to seal it all up. I liked how easy it was, but it's not my favorite look.

You can kind of see the binding at the top of the photo. 

Totally love the fluffiness of the quilting in this one!