Monday, February 8, 2016

Awesome Design Wall!

As you may know, I've been working on my sewing room and have made some pretty awesome improvements. We changed out the desks, added a small Ikea kitchen island, and painted. One thing that kept getting put off, but was a major want/need was a functional design wall. Not totally sure why I kept putting it off. Mostly, I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted, or how I wanted to do it. Well, after a year of hemming and hawing, we (my handsome hubby and I) figured it out and put it up.

I finally got it!! Yay!! The best part was it was only about $30 and took an afternoon. 

Bonus: we used the shelf and lighting from my set up at the old house. :)

Here is how we did it.
We got foam sheets from Home Depot. These were 2ft by 4ft pieces. We decided on 2 of them.
I taped them together on both sides. These have a printed side and a reflective side. 

I didn't want the words showing thru, so I covered the reflective side with felt. I picked up this white felt at Wal-Mart for just under $4 a yard. I got 2 yards, but had a decent amount left over.

I folded it over to the back and used hot glue to adhere the felt to the foam board. 

Here it is, all felted up and ready for the wall. 
Now, this would have been totally awesome as is, but  my awesome hubby had other plans. He had the idea to add a shelf above it with lighting under the shelf! 

While I was making the design board, he was hanging this shelf with lights. He put this together for me when we were living in the old house. It was just sitting in the garage, collecting dust, when he had the idea to add it to my sewing room and use it with the design board.

Because of the wires, he had to bump out the design board just a little bit. He added some super thin molding to the wall and stuck the wires to the wall with tape. Not his first choice...not sure what his first choice was, but either way, this worked.

We stuck the design board to the molding with 3m tape. Again it wasn't our first choice. We started with E6000 but that was taking way to long to dry. (seriously should have seen our ninja moves trying to hold it up while it dried) Then we tried hot glue... that was stupid. lol By the time we got the glue on all three wood pieces, it was hardened. So we ran to the store and picked up a roll of 3m. We could have used velcro, but we thought of that after we had it all hung.

The shelf is much longer then the design board, and extends over the table, to the other wall. I plan on adding some small shelving or possibly some Ikea racks to fill in and add more storage to this wall.

Here it is!! All finished and awesome! You can see the light switch for the puck lights, just to the left of the design wall. I couldn't ask for a better design wall. Blocks stick to the felt effortlessly, but if I ever need to use pins on the wall, I can. 

A big thank you goes out to my awesome hubby for helping me put this together. Love that man for all he does. :)

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