Monday, January 25, 2016

Baby Blanket Wrapping "Paper"

Baby showers! 

You know I love them and love planning gifts for them. Usually I make a rag quilt or a diaper cake. I wasn't really feeling the rag quilt idea and my sister was making the diaper cake. (She started her own diaper cake business and really wanted to make a diaper buggy for the mother to be. OMG!! It was adorable!! She totally rocked it!)

But anyway, I digress. :) I had to come up with something fun. These are what I picked up at the baby store...yep, that's it. I didn't get all sucked in to the baby pink sweetness...this time. LOL

(Baby monitor from her registry, a pack of 4 receiving blankets, and toy key ring)

I had an idea, but I wasn't sure how it was going to work out. I wanted to wrap the baby monitor with the receiving blankets. 

As you can see, it totally worked out!! The only additional item is the green ribbon. I didn't use any tape or pins for this gift. 

I simply wrapped the box with one (white with flowers) blanket, the same as you would a gift with wrapping paper. I folded the 2nd (light pink blanket) over so it was a long tube, and wrapped it around the box once. I folded the 3rd (dark pink blanket) in a fan shape, the same way you make paper fans. I placed the fan blanket on top, then used the 4th blanket (white with butterflies) to hold it all together. I put the ends of the 4th blanket thru the teething ring and fluffed it out to look like a rose. This not only looked pretty, but also helped to secure it. Lastly, I added the green ribbon to secure the whole thing. 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way this came out!! 

It was fun and much easier then I thought. Plus, not having to waste money on gift wrapping was good too. Best part was, the mom loved it!!

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