Monday, August 24, 2015

Finished Art Quilt!!

Hey all! I just realized I never posted the finished art quilt I was working on. I did finish it and it turned out pretty awesome! Exactly the way I envisioned.

As you can see, I did end up adding beads and sequins. I didn't put them all over, as I was only looking to add a little shine and sparkle. I didn't want it to be to heavy in beading.

I did some clusters of 3 seed beads on some of the circles.

They are so small, but the slight shine they give is pretty cool.

Here, I had a trio of circles and wasn't sure how I wanted to bead them. This is what I finally decided on.

I love all the texture!!

So, this is it my friends! My first art quilt. I really enjoyed the freedom of making a quilt that wasn't for a bed. It really opens up the creative opportunities. Seriously, the options are limitless!
I loved making this and look forward to making many more art quilts. 

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