Friday, May 22, 2015

Mod Quilt Top

I've been pretty busy creating lately. Unfortunately, nothing finished yet. That's what happens when you work on five projects at once. LOL Yep. Right now, I've got FIVE different quilt projects going, with plans to start at least three more. (yea, my brain has been on creative overload, and I love it!!)

Truth is, I'd probably get more done if I didn't insist on taking a nap after work each day. But hey, I get up at 3am...I deserve a nap...right? LOL Now that school is out for summer, my naps are put to a halt, so maybe I can get some of these projects completed. 

Here is a quilt top I finished up just the other day. I'm not usually a pattern follower, but I saw this pattern in a quilting magazine and just had to try it. 
I love the modern feel of it and the fun fabrics. Plus, they were on clearance at my local quilt store, so I just couldn't pass them up. I love the bold prints! It's also a nice change from the batiks I normally gravitate towards.

Not sure how I'm going to quilt this one. Straight lines would work, but I've done that several times already. It's time for something new.  As soon as I have an idea, I'll quilt it, until then, it will sit in the unfinished pile.

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