Friday, April 24, 2015

Round Robin Fabric Painting

A few weeks ago, I took a round robin style class at the Flying Pig Studio. It was one of the most enjoyable classes I have ever taken! It's meant to totally get you out of your creative box and just have fun creating. Best part is, you are working with several other creatives! Everyone has a hand in everyone else painting. I know this might scare some people, but really, it's so much fun. 

On a side note, I totally think this project would be fun with some wine, but I like wine. LOL ;) 

The idea of the class is that everyone works on everyones piece. We used all kinds of "tools" The potato masher and the bubble wrap were big hits. We rarely used a brush. But that's what made it more fun. Plus, you had to think of new ways to use the tool you had. Our instructor, Cindy, gave us many prompts throughout the project. Such as, make lines. Or make large circles. Or make tiny squares. This was made more interesting because you already had your tool picked before the prom was given. 

Cindy, is an awesome teacher and makes everyone feel comfortable. The other ladies and I had such fun creating this huge masterpiece!

Here is our giant canvas, about halfway through....

Here, it's almost done.. We just needed to add the black and white, which we added to our own pieces. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture after everyone added the black and white.

Here, is my final piece. Very urban and fun!

The second part of this class was getting together and adding fabric, strings, ribbon and other dimensional bits to our canvases. We did that this past weekend. It was amazing to see how different everyones turned out. The other really cool part is that everyone is making different things from their canvases. I will be making mine an art canvas to hang on the other side of the wood wall. 

I'll have pictures of mine soon. I'm adding just a little bit more to it...:) 

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