Monday, April 20, 2015

Rustic Meets Modern Valence

Today, I have an awesome home project to share. Yay for home improvements! Double yay for having a handy husband who indulges his wife in home improvements!

This is a project that has been 7 months in the making. It didn't take that long to do, it just took us that long to get off our lazy butts and finish it. hahaha Super easy project to do, tho.

Remember that wood wall we made? Well, we had some leftover boards and they were just to pretty (and expensive) to let go to waste, so we had the idea to make cornices with them! Brian made the cornices for me, but I just had to add to them. I had bought these drapes the day before we got the keys to our new home. I fell in love with the colors and the style of them. But, we have cats, so I knew we couldn't let them just hang. With the help of Pintrest, I found just the right plan to use both the rustic cornices and the modern drapes. Of course, the only pictures I found, using reclaimed wood, had solid color fabrics. I was a little worried at how the end result would be with such a modern print.

To start, we folded the drapes over so they were about a quarter of the length. Yes, we should have cut them and we could have saved money, but, I couldn't return them, and I actually liked the extra body folding them over gave the overall look.

We stapled them to the back of the boards.

I got some matching ribbon to dress them up a bit. I did have to play with the length until I found what worked for our windows. Once I had that figured out, I cut all the ribbons the same length and made sure to attach them at the same spot on all the boards. Looking back, I do wish I would have gotten a darker brown ribbon, only because the color I got matches the wall color so much.

This is the look I was going for.

Before securing to the wall, we rolled up the fabric and tied it with some extra ribbon. This is to keep it out of the way when screwing it into the wall. Made the job much easier....At least, that's what Brian said. LOL Securing the finished valence to the wall was his job. :)

See. :) Isn't he doing such a great job?

The big reveal!! They turned out so well! I love them! They really do add a lot to the room. They dress it up so nicely.

What do you think? 

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