Friday, March 20, 2015

Reclaimed Wood Wall

Our first major project, in our new home involved all this 100 year old barn wood. We fell in love with it when we saw it! We really did love it.          

However, it was the most expensive option we could have come across. Ahh... I can only blame it on all the paint fumes. If we were smart, we would have went with flooring instead of the real thing. As much as we love it, we could have saved a ton of money. Oh well.. live and learn.

So, we had a 39ft room that desperately needed dividing. We decided to build a wall to help define the spaces. Our friend Karl came over and they built it in an afternoon.

 Can't forget the TV. LOL 

Here is the wall, in all it's naked glory.

Brian adding the beautiful reclaimed wood to the wall. He painted the back of the wall black, just incase there were any cracks. Once up, it will just look like a shadow.

And here is the final product! We love it!! 

Final thoughts: We love it. We did end up going way over budget because of our splurge on the wood, but we are really happy with the end result. Bonus, we had extra wood left over to make valances...which my husband should be working on as I type this.

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