Thursday, March 19, 2015

New Home

We've been very busy lately, working on our new home. We recently (as in, last July) bought a house. It is a huge deal for both of us and we are very excited to make it our home. As you can see from the pictures, it was a very blank slate. I won't bore you with all the room pictures, but you can trust they are all white and boring. LOL 

Don't worry. The kids had apple cider. 

This was almost 9 months ago, and so much has changed. We were so grateful to some friends of ours, they came over the day before we moved in and helped us paint. There is so much color now!

The paint chips!! I told you there was lots of color!

The aqua blue is my sewing room (it's the only room that hasn't been painted yet). The green and grey is my son's room. The pink and green is for my daughter. The dark purple and grey is in our room and bathroom. The cornflower blue and tan run throughout the house.

We are so grateful for Rick and Bridgette. They did an amazing job and we couldn't have gotten it all done (or as well) without them. :) 

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