Sunday, March 1, 2015

Jelly Roll Race Quilt

This jelly roll race quilt was made for my grandmother for her 93rd birthday. This is a mix of one jelly roll and some leftovers from another. I loved the idea of adding in the darker strips. Totally added interest to the whole quilt. I did some straight stitching to to quilt it together. 

I really wanted to add circles to the quilting, but honestly, once the lines were done, I was done. The lines should have been an easy task, but I was having issues with my machine, (user error) and after 4 broken needles, I just wanted it finished. LOL
My grandmother loves it. Every time I see her, she still tells me how much she adores it and that it is on her bed. :) That, my friends, makes my heart super happy.

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