Sunday, March 8, 2015

Diaper Cake to Beat All Diaper Cakes!

This has to be my best diaper cake...Ever!! 
I kept with the April showers theme and everything on it was flowery and girlie. 

Here are some of the washcloth roses I made to embellish the cake with. I think I made at least a dozen of these. They weren't as easy as I had expected, the floral tape didn't stick very well to the cloth. I think they still came out pretty nicely tho. I also made calla lilies with white wash cloths and plastic baby spoons. You'll see them on the tiers of the cake.

 Here, we have a close up of the center of the diaper cake. You can kinda see the white lily on the side.

Here is the giant diaper cake!! This thing stood 6ft tall at the top of the umbrella. I had to be able to take it apart and reassemble at the shower. 
I made a bouquet of diaper flowers for the topper. Placed those in the purple pail, which was filled with bottles of baby bath, powder, baby shampoo and packs of wipes.
I made each tier a double tier. Basically making two of the same size and stacking them on top of each other and wrapping them with a blanket, or two, depending on the size. The whole base of the wagon is filled with diapers.
You can't see it but on the left side, at the base, there is a plastic "grass" looking bottle rack. I added pink and purple bottles to it and added more washcloth flowers to it.
I also made butterflies with washcloths and baby spoons. I attached those to wire so the could flutter off the cake.

I added silk flowers as filler, but everything else is something the baby can use. There are also little onesies and packs of wipes in the trunk of the yes, the wagon had a trunk! 

Ingredients for this massive diaper cake:

446 diapers (size 1 thru 4)
32 washcloths
12 baby spoons
6 packs of wipes
5 onsies
4 receiving blankets
3 teething rings
3 bottles
1 fuzzy blanket
1 baby bib
1 baby powder
1 baby wash
1 baby lotion
1 nursing cover 
1 bottle drying rack 
1 bucket
1 umbrella
Tons of silk flowers
Countless rubberbands
1 cute pink wagon

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