Monday, March 16, 2009

Volume 6 of Scrap Camp

Here are 3 of the cards from the card swap we did. Actually, it was a Shoebox card swap. Similar to a Card in a bag. You make up one type of card and then prep enough for everyone to make one of said card. There were 4 of us (planned for 10) that participated, but my 4th card turned out pretty bad so I'm not posting it. It was a cute idea, tho, using a paper bag and chipboard tag. Anyways, mine is the blue "just because" card. I did learn a new technique during this swap. I love new ideas, even if this isn't a new idea, it's new to me. And I love it! The leaf card actually uses fabric for the leaf. You cut out 3 of the same leaf and layer them, using hot glue in between each layer, to add dimension. I can't wait to try this technique with other patterns.

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  1. Cute cards...Um did you get your hair cut? Is that profile pic new?