Sunday, August 16, 2015

Rainbow Square Quilt

Leave it to me to wait until 6 days before someones birthday to start a quilt. Yep, that's exactly what I did. My friend Trish turned 50 this month and I really wanted to make something nice for her. Originally I was going to make her a bed quilt to celebrate not only her 50th birthday, but also her new home.

The problem was, I couldn't find fabrics I liked in the colors and theme she wanted for her bedroom. Because of that, I hadn't started anything until the Sunday before her birthday. I decided to make her a lap quilt, as I felt fairly confident I could whip one up in time. But the question was, what kind of pattern? What fabric?

Enter awesome ombre dyed jelly roll! I had this pack for a while and just hadn't had a fun project for it yet, so I decided now was the time. With only 6 days to make it, I needed a fairly simple pattern. I went with the Make it Marcus pattern made for this fabric line. 

I added a 1in black border and a 3in lavender border to help frame it and make it just a bit bigger. 

I love the way it turned out! Especially the quilting! I stippled around the center and did a straight stitch in the borders.

This is the first time I have ever used high density batting. (I accidentally bought the wrong kind) I freaking LOVE it!! I love how much it shows of the quilting and it wasn't as hard to quilt as I had expected it to be. Which is the only reason I hadn't used it up until this point. 

As you can see in the top picture, there is a nice corner tag. I have never done a label like that before, and I really like the simplicity of it. 

All in all, this quilt had a lot of firsts. I'm very pleased with the results and it inspires me to keep pushing my own limits.

Also, a major shout out to Arizona Quilts! I love this store, and the sweet lady that helped me figure out what I needed for my borders and backing was amazing!!

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