Friday, June 26, 2015

Hot Pink Owl Diaper Cake

Whipped up this totally adorable diaper cake this week. A good friend of mine, Freddy, wanted a diaper cake for a baby shower he was going to. He wanted to do an owl themed cake, so we set out looking for owl blankets and bibs, and whatever else we could find. He found a perfect blanket set, and we found the perfect bibs to go along with them!

I am totally digging the flower topper!! I decided to do this because we couldn't find anything suitable for the top. I made the flower using diaper as the petals and tied a pacifier in the center. 

Once the cake was stacked to our liking, we added the tulle. Wrapping it top to bottom, then bottom to top. I made sure to have long tails that I could use between the diaper petals. This added a much needed contrast and fluff to the overall look of the cake. 

This diaper cake came together fairly easily and it was even more fun working with Freddy on it. It's his gift to give and he was awesome at helping build it. Plus, it was great hanging out. :)

92 size 2 diapers
4 flannel receiving blankets
4 pacifiers
3 bottles
2 bibs
1 floral onsie 

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