Friday, March 13, 2015

Artwork of Love

This past Valentine's day, my husband and I actually went out on a date. I know it sounds strange to most people, but we aren't big on mushy, romantic and over the top Valentine's days. Last year, we made dinner together and just hung out. He also took me to the fabric store, which I loved! This girl would much rather have fabric then flowers! Ha! But this year, I had entered a contest on Facebook and we won. Who knew one of my worst date experiences (not with my hubby) would win us both a free paint night at Pinot's Palette! A fun painting studio, where they guide you thru a painting and you enjoy the bottle of wine you brought. :)

It was so much fun!! We had an amazing time and loved every minute of it. They made it super entertaining and fun! They also played our wedding song, as it was Valentine's day and they were playing all the couples songs. It really made our day and also embarrassed us just a little. LOL why? Because our wedding song is Life is a Happy Song by the Muppets!

If you've never heard it, here it is. LOL Feel free to laugh at us. We do! :)

Anyway, here is the painting we made. They go together and will be placed in our master bathroom over the soaking tub. 

Mine is the left and his is the right. 

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