Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Candy Overload! (Bridal Shower Decorations)

Candy Land was the theme for my sisters bridal shower. I felt this theme would be perfect because Katie really wanted a candy buffet at her wedding, but the idea was nixed once they decided to get married in Maui. I still wanted her to have her candy buffet. But I wanted it to be over the top! With lots of help from her new in-laws and my mom and sister in-law, we made this awesome shower a success! 

Today, I'll share the decorations!

Fun lollypop yard decorations. These are just paper plates with tissue paper and then covered in cellophane. Wooden skewers are used for the sticks.

The candy buffet!! This was the prettiest part! So much color! And sugar!! We got most of the candy at Sams Club. Saved a lot of money that way, and got a nice visual impact. 

Here, we have the dessert table. Minus all the desserts. 

The cake and marshmallow pops! I made the marshmallow pops, and a friend of Katie's made the fun cake!


These awesome centerpieces were made by my sisters mother and sister in-law. Aren't they awesome!

These were centerpieces for the tables outside. I had so much fun with my mom, sister in-law, and cousin, making these. It was a fun crafty time for all of us. Shout out to my friend Rachele for teaching me how to make these so many years ago. :)

One specifically for the bride and groom to be. The other side has an M for Matt.

We trimmed the outside with colorful paper lanterns.

 I found this purple canopy netting at goodwill for $6! It was the perfect element to put over the bride-to-bes chair! 

I made these candy dishes out of metal candle sticks and class candy dishes found at goodwill. I painted the candle sticks and used E6000 to glue the glass bowls to them. Katie liked them so much, she asked to keep them. :)

Check in tomorrow to see the towel cake I made for the bride-to-be.....

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