Friday, October 3, 2008

Correction or addition

I want to make a correction, or addition, rather, to my last post. I also wanted to add a few more pages from our wedding album.

While my feelings in it are real, i forgot to mention the events that went well. I love my husband, and as we said our vows, it was like he was the only one there. It was just us, and nothing else mattered. Truely, that was one of the most loving moments i have ever had. He cried, I cried. it was great. LOL I'm really glad I married him...most of the time. LOL However, i do remember thinking (and saying) "are you sure" when the justice of the peace asked him, "do you take this woman to be your wife"...I was afraid he would say no. Oh well, he's stuck with me now. :)
There were also many people there, that loved us and supported us. I was so happy i was able to share such a special day with them. There were also those, that cared and did try to make the day special...and i thank them for that.

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