Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy anniversary to us....time to reflect

With the recent passing of my fourth wedding anniversary, i thought it would be a great time to reflect on my wedding day. Our anniversary was September 13th, i wanted to blog about it earlier, but have been super busy. I also wanted to post a few of my favorite LO's from my wedding album. I finally finished the album earlier this year. :)

Our wedding was most definatly a day I would rather forget. I'm sure Jason would rather i forget it too. He's pretty tired of hearing about it. LOL I am much better then i was 3 years ago.
It was not the wedding every girl dreams of. It was a mess, with a lot of back-stabing going on, mostly into my back. It really hurt. I just wanted it to be beautiful and loving. Instead, it was stressful and hurtful. I remember thinking..."this is my wedding?!" Many things went wrong that day, but the worst part was that it felt like most everyone (not all, but most) didn't care. I felt like i was the only person that cared about the wedding. Maybe i cared to's definatly possible. I felt like i was a nuccense to anyone i asked to help me with wedding things. No one was excited for Jason and I. I was lied to, and made to look like a bitch the day of my wedding. Truth be told, i did turn into a bit of a bride-zilla....not my best moment, i admit. But, it's not like i didn't have reason to be mad. After begin lied to, and back-stabed, any bride would turn zilla. If it had only been one thing, i think i would have been fine, but like i said, it was everything. Everything that could have been prevented.

Now that i have gotten that out of my system, i would like to say that I am very happily married. Jason is an amazing husband. I would much rather have a horrible wedding and a wonderful marriage then vice versa. I am very greatful to have a man that loves me as much as he does. We really are great together. I have an amazing family and wonderful support system. I hope he knows how much i love him.

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  1. I hate that you had such a horrible wedding, but you're right... better to have a horrible wedding and a wonderful marriage than the other way around! Happy Anniversary Jen. :)

    p.s. you do have an amazing husband... atleast of what I've seen!