Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hubbys Dinning Table Awesomeness!

Since today is my handsome grooms birthday, (Happy Birthday my Love!!) I thought I'd share something he made for me recently. It was something he had been thinking about making for a while, and finally did. 

He did such a fantastic job!! I love it so much! 

He made this awesome dining table from the ground up. It took many hours and tons of sanding.There was also a month worth of stressing over the right stain color. (I think he picked just the right color) I'm sure there were more then a few choice swear words involved too! Haha!

I absolutely love it! I'm so grateful to have such a handy hubby! He is new to this woodworking thing, but I think he's a natural at building things. 

Now, he just needs to make the benches for it. And, I should probably make some placemats to protect it.

I can't wait to have big family get togethers at it.

(sorry the pics were taken while it was still in the garage, it now sits proudly in our dining room)

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