Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Twin Cakes

I made these totally fun diaper cakes for my awesome boss. He is expecting twin boys next month, and my coworkers and I really wanted to do something to celebrate. I thought, why not make twin diaper cakes. I just figured it would be fun, and a creative challenge. It definitely was a challenge, but I had a great time making them.

I love the bright, bold colors. One, the colors matched the sweet little onsies and washcloths, picked out by my coworkers, Carla and Trish. Two, these cakes are for a man, so going all sweet and pastel would have been sweetness overload.

I could not have done this amazing of a job alone, though. I got donations from many of my amazing coworkers. They all brought diapers and fun baby things to add to the cakes. I just put it all together.


3 packs size one diapers

1 pack size two diapers

1 pack newborn diapers

(230 diapers total)

8 washcloths

5 onsies

2 rattles

2 binkies

2 bibs

3 bottles

1 bottle of baby wash

1 bottle of baby shampoo

1 bottle of baby lotion

1 tube of diaper cream

4 pairs of socks

2 dump trucks

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