Monday, February 22, 2010

Old Spice

glue and spices

Jessica's pretty page.

Jacob's Sponge Bob

Today, I needed to clean out my spice pantry. It was time...really. There were spices and herbs in there from God knows when. They had to go. As I was dumping all of these into the trash, I had an idea. Why not let the kids use the old herbs as "glitter"? So, I got out some coloring pages, elmers school glue, and let them go to town with the glue and herbs. It was a lot of fun!! The creative options are endless. Kinda messy though, but sometimes I don't mind the mess. Plus, it was much easier to clean up then glitter.


  1. What a stinking clever idea! I am so going to give mine to the school so they can use them in the same way!!!

  2. Jessica & Jacob, you both did a great job on your art projects, they are beautiful...hugs Terre