Friday, February 26, 2010

Not at all what we had planned...but..

It is super cute anyway!! You see, I made this cake for a friend..well, actually, we worked on it together. My buddy, Guillermo, is throwing a baby shower for his cousin and wanted a sweet center piece. He is very creative, so (for 2 weeks) we have been bouncing ideas off of each other. We had a really cute idea, but then lost our cake stand to a real cake at the last minute. So, on to plan B. This sweet diaper treat is the result. It's a bit different then my last cakes, but so cute, I love the stuffed Eyore. We had a blast working on this cake. I look forward to other projects with my buddy, Memo.
56 size 3 diapers
5 onsies
4 baby hair bands
3 bottles
1 satin and soft blanket
1 stuffed Eyore


  1. so stinking cute! Almost makes me want to have another baby just so I can have one!. . . ALMOST!

  2. Gasp! I love the mish mash of gifts and diapers. Too adorable. :)