Friday, September 4, 2009

Diapers for a Diva!

Here is a diaper cake I made for a friend at work. She is throwing her niece a baby shower and wanted to get her something special. She also wanted it to be be very grand. I think we achieved special and very grand. I love making diaper cakes and this one was no exception. It is the largest one I have ever made, though. So, it presented it's own set of challenges, but I think it came out great, and I learned a few new tricks. One of the things I learned was how to make a flower using baby mittens and a nose bulb. Unfortunately, you can't see it in this picture. Next time I will make sure to get a shot of it.
Ingredients: 84 size 2 diapers
7 onsies
4 bibs
2 pairs of mittens
2 binkies
1 nose bulb
1 baby manicure set
1 very plush baby blanket
10 yards of ribbon


  1. ARE YOU SERIOUS????? This is FAB! Dont give it to her till after next weekend so I can see

  2. Wow this is special and grand. Huge. I've made some big diaper cakes in my time but never this tall. I have however made a diaper carousel...that was fun and very challenging.

    I love your cake - how are you going to pick that thing up?!