Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My First tutorial!

This is all of my ribbon before I put it in my bag. I took them all off spools before adding to the bag.
First, find yourself a nice vinyl bag, then punch lots of holes in it. I found it was best to fold it over and use my crop-o-dial.

When you have made all your holes...(make as many as you can, you don't want to have to take all your ribbon out at a later date, just because you need to add more holes.)

Stick your ribbon in and run it through the holes. It is best to start at the bottom of the bag and work your way up. This way, you aren't fighting the ribbon you already added.

You will be amazed at the amount of ribbon you can fit into your bag. The bag is great storage for your ribbon, plus, it makes it very easy to take all your ribbon to a crop. When you need ribbon, you just pull it through the hole and cut off desired amount.

Many of you have seen my ribbon bag and have asked about it, so I figured it would be the perfect project for my first tutorial. Worked out perfect for me because I needed to fix mine anyway. (yes, i was the one who didn't make enough holes the first time) Let me know what you think.


  1. Way cute!!! I think I just may give it a try ;)

  2. okay, now you just have to make one for me :o)

  3. Very cool, I love how you color coordinate your ribbon!

  4. Hi Jen! Thanks so much for visiting my blog!! I talked to Terre today and she is such a sweetheart!! I love your ribbon bag--this is a Fantastic idea and very creative!! I can see where this would be great to take along to a crop. Also, I love the picture of of your little girl--LOL!

  5. VERY awesome tutorial Jenn!!! Keep em coming.

  6. Sweet tut! I love all the great pics you took of the ribbon. Now that you are done, can you bring it to my house?