Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Volume 1 of Scrap Camp

Would you believe I actually have a bunch of new artwork to show? I do! Crazy, I know.

Here's why: Tammy and I went to Paper Play Get-a-way up in Prescott (up at Prescott Pines) this past weekend. We had a blast and got a lot of scrapping done. We took three classes, made cards and won some super cute prizes. It was a great weekend...even if Tammy was plotting (camp initiations) against me the whole time leading up to camp. LOL No, she didn't freeze my undies or wake me up dressed as a serial killer. She thought about it though. I am very thankful that she didn't.

I have several items to post, but I want to start with the card I made for the card contest. I am not much of a card maker, but I was very pleased with this one. :) And even more pleased when it won first place. (big cheesy grin) I won a scrapbooking idea book and some beautiful paper packs.

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