Sunday, October 26, 2008


So, today is the day for pumpkin carving....We bought a bunch of little pumpkins, a medium pumpkin, and a very large pumpkin... the kids loved the small ones. LOL I love carving pumpkins, but Jason is great at it. He really does a wonderful job. :) This year, i really wanted the kids to be involved. In years past, they would just watch and enjoy the finished product. I know they are still to young to actually carve, but i thought they would really enjoy gutting the pumpkins...well...they both thought it was gross. At least, they did at first. Jacob wouldn't put his hand in the pumpkin until had rubber gloves on. LOL Then, he would barely put the spoon in to scrape out the guts. Jessica wouldn't even come near the table. "Ewww, yucky." was all she could say. The only way i could get her interested, was to give her the little pumpkin. She liked that one. Only used a spoon, tho. LOL Then...she got confused...she started FILLING the pumpkins with all the guts we had just carved out. Yup, filled the small one all the way, and the large one almost halfway before we realized what she was doing. She had fun, tho. LOL

Sorry, don't have the finished pics yet, as Jason hasn't carved his. I will post them as soon as he carves his.


  1. How Fun! Looks like you guys had a blast!

  2. Oh the fun! My poor kids were deprived this year. Couldn't spend the money for pumpkins. . . sad, I know, but we enjoyed a good Halloween anyway!